Taiwan Bubble Tea Mania from San Francisco to LA

Cerritos, LA – 26 April 2015, bubble tea has become a commonplace in San Francisco, regardless the traditional Taiwanese chains or the US established brands, and it is easy to find in San Francisco Bay Area. Even you may need to wait in line for more than 20 minutes to get a bubble tea in some of the popular stores, still not diminished the enthusiasm of gluttons.

Now this trend seems to spread to Los Angeles. Taiwan’s leading bubble tea brand – Sharetea has announced its first franchise in Los Angeles Cerritos which is gathered a number of Chinese descent and the upper middle class families. “Chinese knows the differences and what tasty tea is, we welcome them to come here and try it!” said Sharetea spokesman. The local residents are also eager to visit the store, many of the customers enjoyed it and left the high scores on Yelp!

Lian Fa International affiliate Sharetea Taiwanese bubble tea brand franchise in 20 countries since 2010. Its authentic Taiwanese milk tea flavor is popular all over the world and has brought lots of business professionals to Sharetea for enquiring its franchise business. According to Sharetea, they have over 20 coming stores in North American, and two of them will be located in Los Angeles. And we should expect to see them in the first half year.

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