Sharetea Served Over a Thousand Bubble Teas on Opening Day

Toronto, ON – 15 April 2015, Taiwan’s leading bubble tea brand – Sharetea opened its new franchise store in Richmond Hill, bringing the total number of franchise stores in Toronto to five.

Sharetea is famous for its authentic Taiwanese bubble tea, especially the milk tea series. A Lot of people came into the store on its opening day and asked for it. Sharetea said, they made over a thousand bubble teas during opening event, and every customer was so delight! The previous four Sharetea stores in Toronto all bring a super sharp results since opened. As we saw in Richmond Hill store, we are sure it will do as well as others and even much better!

Lian Fa International established in 1992, a global leader in bubble tea industry with chain stores and franchises in 20 countries, is known for its affiliate Sharetea. Taiwanese Pearl Milk Tea is now extremely popular all over the world and has brought lots of business professionals to Sharetea for enquiring its franchise business. According to Sharetea, they have over 20 stores coming soon in North American. What a wonderful news! We all look forward to seeing them and cheer for the Taiwan bubble tea culture.

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