Sharetea, Safe Tea

Recently, some of Taiwan’s bubble tea brands have been inspected by officials due to that the traces of fipronil exceed standard amounts. Lian Fa International affiliate Sharetea released the SGS reports of its tea to the public for quality reassurance.

Lian Fa International is a multinational enterprise, all raw materials have to meet the government export standards and pass all related testing to ensure food safety. Lian Fa International has rigorous quality control system, and we precisely ask corporate suppliers to do the same and provide SGS reports for all raw materials. We also check suppliers’ raw materials every time when stocks come into warehouse to make sure all ingredients are in good quality and condition. And we always get our ingredients tested by SGS regularly.

With the strict self-monitoring, we’ll keep training our staffs and supervising all suppliers to provide the best and safe products to the customers.

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