Sharetea Opened its 12th California Franchise in San Diego

Taiwan well known bubble tea brand Sharetea has enthusiastically developed the North America market for the past two of years. Last Sunday, Sharetea opened a new franchise in San Diego where is famous of its mild year-round climate and extensive beaches. People here are full of passion, with their craze to join Sharetea San Diego Grand Opening for Buy One Get One Free!

San Diego is the second largest city in California with estimated population of 1.4 million. Sharetea San Diego franchise located in Convoy Street which has quite a few famous Asian food and you always can find a good restaurants for relaxing or dining with friends. ‘Sharetea is renowned in San Francisco Bay area, we were so looking forward to having Sharetea in San Diego as well, and now we’re glad to be able to have Sharetea whenever we want.’ According to a local friend.

Sharetea has eight franchises in San Francisco Bay area now and every one of them has thriving business. Therefore many residents of San Diego thought Sharetea was from Bay area and didn’t realize that Sharetea is actually originated in Taipei, Taiwan as an affiliate of Lian Fa International. Lian fa International has been franchising accross 19 countries since 2010, 13 franchised in West American and 13 more are on their way to join Sharetea family within 2015. 

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