Sharetea New Store in Seattle Served thousands Bobatea at Grand Opening

Internationally renowned Bobatea brand – Sharetea, opened new store in Renton which is its 2nd store in Seattle, WA. On its grand opening day in last Saturday, there were a big crowd of customers trailed out its door and waited to be served a cup of the most authentic Taiwanese Bobatea! What’s the secret of Sharetea?

Sharetea extended its Bobatea business into the world since 2010 and formally entered the United States in 2013. Within two years, Sharetea has opened 14 franchises in the West Coast of USA and became the top and well-known Taiwanese Bobatea brand in Bay Area. From the outset only Asian customers, extended to the local races, Sharetea has successfully developed the Taiwanese tea-drinking culture to the USA! Sharetea opened its Seattle first store Sharetea UW which is located nearby the famous University of Washington in January this year. Sharetea’s reputation sought and hyped by the university students and the local media as a place you’ll certainly be back!! The second Seattle location is in the Landing which is a brand-new complex shopping mall including cinema, large supermarkets and all kinds of cuisines. Sharetea sold almost 1,200 cups of Bobatea on its grand opening day.

Sharetea, as one of the brands of Lian Fa International, developed its franchise business into 19 countries with over four hundred stores. Sharetea introducing Taiwanese tea-drinking culture to the world, using standard ingredients and strictly quality control system to ensure food safety and won the trusts from its business partners and customers. There’re over 20 franchises coming soon in North American this year, stay tuned to be noticed!

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