It’s elegant, it’s chic! Sharetea opened new bubble tea in London.

Taiwanese cuisine has become popular worldwide. Britain, an origin for afternoon tea is even getting replaced by the Taiwanese bubble tea. The well-known Taiwan leading bubble tea brand – Sharetea, opened its new store in London to introduce a different Taiwanese style of tasty tea culture to the British market.

London is the capital of United Kingdom, it’s also recognized as one of the four world-class cities. Its residents come from all over the world and have diverse races, religions and cultures. As the largest financial city in Europe, London has strong economy and great potential in the entertainment and Food and Beverage businesses.

In order to get into the food market, Sharetea Headquarters worked hard on market researches before they created the unique style for London market. Its brand image is mature and showing the years of experiences in Taiwan. Sharetea London store creates a simple cozy design with cultural touches to present British sophistication. And most importantly, to serve the best quality of humble Taiwanese tea.

Bubble tea is not just about the good taste, it also symbolize an attitude. Sharetea integrates the tradition and innovation to create a whole new tea trend with its tasty and healthy tea drinks which has opened the grand door to Europe!

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